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Worries about the future. Way too involved with software. Likes coffee, maths, and . Would prefer to be in academia. SpaceX, Twitter, and Overwatch fan.

It’s tired, grating, and just gets in the way of having fun and getting stuff done.

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Company culture has always been something of a concern for me¹, primarily because I remember before it was really ‘a thing’.

The Decade of Simplicity

You see, back in the 1990s when I originally started chipping at the…

We all play the game as jobseekers, but some things really are best left, at least initially, unsaid.

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I’m not sure which is the most stressful situation to be in — interviewing potential employees, or being interviewed as a potential employee.

I’ve written previously about things to watch out for…

It’s going to be using augmented reality and it’s not going to be a game.

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Invaders from Afar

I’d define a ‘Killer App’, personally, as something that comes along rarely and the advent of which changes the whole computing industry substantially either due to its incredibly usefulness itself or the paradigm¹ shifting change…

I want to make a difference, but I don’t want to leave my brain at the door!

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Dissonance at the Coalface

I can’t speak for too many industries as, genuinely, I haven’t been involved in that many. …

It’s best not to believe the hype, or you’ll be back behind a desk in six months.

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I read an article this morning in a national newspaper here detailing how some ‘leading employers’ were forming an alliance to discuss (and facilitate in some ways) hybrid¹ and remote working in Ireland.

A parable on letting go of a loved process, and why you have to.


Frankenstein was the Doctor

There’s a certain feeling of accomplishment that only a progressive and steadfastly professional software engineer can really know and that’s the warm fuzzy feeling of a requirement well implemented.

Our creative genius is often targeted at…

git commit code-ninja.js -m “I’m on a beach!” -m “I’m living the dream!”

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I’m Leaving on a Backplane

More or less continually throughout the course of the current ongoing pandemic, and even occasionally before, articles are inevitably airdropped on the nomadically-deficient public glamorising how they can remote work from any number of paradisiacal locations.

As a progressive software engineer, who has been a remote worker for some time…

Let’s just assume you’re a team player for the purposes of the narrative, ok?

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A Fall from Grace

You’ve exited college¹ with some basic understanding of what bits and bytes are, why linked lists can have two links between each item rather than just one, and understand that software engineering isn’t really engineering at all in that you don’t actually have to get your hands dirty².

Now, finally…

Dr Stuart Woolley

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