A Simple LinkedIn Tip To Help Identify Impersonal Messages

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I do spend more time than I should on LinkedIn. This is, however, not by design. I start out with a quick scan to see what my previous work colleagues are up to (very little, usually), see what jobs are recommended to me (the wrong ones, don’t start me on this one — I’m going to write about this too one day), and generally to see if anyone’s abruptly resigned (don’t tell me you don’t do this…).


Sometimes, though, I choose to just check notifications. But, then, I inevitably fall down the hole of being suggested to congratulate someone have a ‘work anniversary’ (seriously, who celebrates this? is it just me that’s missing out? do you get a prize?), find out someone is some kind of ‘thought leader’ (what? is this a cult now?), or someone else commented on something that I commented on 7 years ago (did I comment on that?).


More often than not, if feeling especially tight on time, I just go straight to the messaging section. Now, as primarily a software engineering type in the workplace anyway, I get a fair few messages primarily concerned with potential job opportunities.

  • I’m always open to roles that involve the subject I studied
  • It helps me identify junk mailshot messages (ding ding)
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Getting To The Point

So, consider this. Someone who’s sending me a message, personally, by actually having to click buttons, find my name, and then author some prose is far more likely to start it with “Hi Stuart” or “Hey Stuart” then someone who’s running a nefarious piece of software to mailshot unsuspecting individuals based on some low bar peripheral searching. The simplistic (most likely javascript) script will say “Hi Dr. Stuart,”. Awkward or what. Even if you were human and being awfully polite, unless you’re a real grammar pedant, you’d drop the full stop after Dr, right? I digress. Swings and roundabouts.

Fan Mail from a Flounder

It’s also quite fun to get those verification mails from LinkedIn that start with,

Way too involved with software, likes maths, loves . Prefers to be in academia. SpaceX, Twitter, and Overwatch fan. Coffee? https://ko-fi.com/fractaldoctor

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