Puzzle of the Daleks : Why did Davros seek the ‘Final Mutational Form’ of the Kaleds?

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The Bunker on Skaro

During the classic 4th Doctor episode ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ the Time Lords foresee a time whereby the Daleks have ‘destroyed all other lifeforms and become the dominant creature in the universe.’

The Future of the Kaleds

During the initial episodes the Doctor encounters Mutos, ‘scarred relics’ of nuclear and chemical weapons used during the first century of the war. Mutos were cast out from the Kaled dome, left to wonder the wastelands between the two warring peoples, as the Kaled race must be ‘kept pure’.

A Question of Genetics

Why did Davros not use his extensive knowledge and expertise in genetic engineering to develop a mutational form that can more easily exist in the world — i.e. did not require an elaborate large travel machine?

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Lack of Knowledge in Genetic Engineering

Davros’ abilities were limited to tinkering — he doesn’t have as great a knowledge as he claims and is only able to evolve the form to its ultimate state and not steer its actual physical structure in a specific direction.

Lack of Knowledge and Resources in Computing

Davros was not overly concerned with the actual final physical form of the Kaleds because his agenda was solely about projecting overwhelming dominating power to win the war, preserve the Kaled race genetically as far as possible, and ultimately continue his experiments without interference.

A Devotion to Kaled Purity

Davros’ intention was to save the Kaled race at any cost, to maintain as much of their pure genetic code as possible given that mutation was inevitable, and was forced to adopt whatever resultant form was produced when the effects of mutation settled down to a final state.

Pure Megalomania

Davros has little interest in the Kaleds, as in the story he sacrifices his own race so that his experiments can continue, and is solely focussed on domination at any cost.

An Even Deeper Question

Using the cover of patriotism to his own kind, the ultimate survival of the race, genetic purity, fighting against the dying of the light as it were, is a common tactic to gain support and crush opposition to questionable actions.

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‘Genesis of the Daleks’ screenshot. Copyright holder:BBC

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