Social Networking : Does the End still justify the Memes?

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Does the End justify the Memes?

Social media networks have become conduits for meme propagation, far more so than personal updates or career advancement in the cases of Facebook and LinkedIn, for example. Scrolling through either produces a list of sponsored posts and memes that far outweigh those that relate to the original intended purpose of the platform.

Is Suffering Necessary to Achieve?

What spurred my thinking on this subject was a post describing how business advancement was based upon the old adage ‘No Pain, No Gain’ which got me to thinking about whether this was actually production or even useful at all.

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If it Hurts then Why are you Doing it?

Many of the motivation posts I come across frame achievement as a struggle, almost always a triumph over adversity, but I believe this propagates a dangerous and misleading belief that if something isn’t difficult that it isn’t worth doing. Sure, work and application are needed, but framing it like this is counter-productive and best and fosters a stressful, competitive culture.

Collaboration and conflict are viewed as counter productive in a modern workplace, so why are they continually being promoted via memes on business related social media?

We achieve more when we like something we are doing, we can achieve more, and more complex feats, in collaboration, and we are happier when the creation process itself is pleasurable in itself.

The great suffering in history, and today

The root of the ‘No Pain No Gain’ method seems to be that historical achievements have been framed as a great suffering of the creator.


Memes in the business social media world promote both competition and aggression as means to succeed in life. I believe this to be untrue, indeed portraying this as such brings back memories of double-glazing salesmen in the 1970s and 80s and the resulting legacy mistrust of sales people that remains today.

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