The Dire State Of Energy Politics

Dr Stuart Woolley
5 min readAug 29, 2022

Yet another example of short term gains destroying long term security.

Photo by Doris Morgan on Unsplash

There’s so little long term planning in politics it’s infuriating.

Everything revolves around public mood, of course, as the reelection imperative always trumps the needs and aspirations of the people, and country as a whole.

But this imperative revolves around public support at that moment in time and never, ever considers the state of the country or the needs of the people in the future — especially if it costs actual money, may be in any way controversial, or if it could be spent placating the voters in the short term with perfunctory tax cuts, greenwashed vanity projects, or hosting of expensive high profile events.

This is why, as tends to increasingly happen, in the modern world of ‘just in time’ everything it’s crisis after crisis, knee-jerk reactions to problems, and appeals to the public to do ‘their bit’ for the national cause rather than the elected governments and their politicians actually making possibly unpopular, yet properly strategic, decisions for the longer term.

Lack of Energy

There are many examples of this particular method of haphazard government that’s driven by immediacy and reelection rather than careful thinking and, naturally, planning.

Leaving the rich mining seam of the ongoing pandemic, the destruction of the global climate due to the continued (but unnecessary) reliance on fossil fuels, and the utterly lacklustre and insufficient funding of scientific research to one side — let’s consider the current (Summer 2022) energy crisis.

Catastrophically bad planning around the world, but in particular in Europe, has led to one of the most monumentally short sighted and messed up situations in living memory when it comes to energy supply.

Renewables, of course, have been growing for some time but now we see their key vulnerabilities — the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow all of the time — and the foolish rush to ‘de-nuclearise’, ‘de-coal’, and generally remove all reliable methods of energy production in repeated greenwashing governmental policies has come back to bite with a vengeance.



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